Graphic Shorts

These shorts were made using BurdaStyle 6/2011 Shorts 111B.  I had originally intended to do the drawstring, but as these shorts remained with everything but the hem complete for months in my sewing pile, I decided to quickly do a simple hem as I had delayed for so long due to the simple worry that the drawstring would ‘bunch’ them in a way that reminded me of a diaper…in my mind this really didn’t look flattering, even if it does as photographed in the magazine.  They were very easy to sew and I like that the invisible zipper is inserted in the side seam behind the pocket rather than at the front with a fly.  Originally, I had chosen this pattern to avoid having to sew a fly, but now that they are sewn (and incidentally, I have learned to sew a fly in the meantime and it really wasn’t as complicated as it seems), I think the side zipper provides more benefits than just ease of sewing.  I really like the flat front with the only bulk being the cute little pleats – even though they are shorts, they make me feel as comfortable as if I were wearing a skirt as they are so loose and light around the waistband while simultaneously appearing quite fitted.

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  1. Christine wrote:

    You are ready for summer with these funky shorts!

  2. Sue wrote:

    Just curious…did you make the top as well? I really like the bead choker (is that the right term?).

  3. Amelia wrote:

    I love this print! May just have to make some for myself! :)

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